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PostSubject: Go on Forth   Go on Forth Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2007 4:07 pm

Go on forth
Unfailing we try
Sail to the North

Faithful are we
The oaths we took
To she

To death we strive
Wish only
to survive

The journey home
Perilous ridden
For now we can only roam

How good she was
She brought us this way
To watch only as time gnaws

Take us there
We may say
The others know not where

Go on forth
Unfailing we try
We seek to be orth

Since this shanghai
Sail to the North
Forever until we die

((Poem was an idea by a journal I read of a German, who was forced to surve aboard a Dutch ship in the Philipines. Their ship was caught in a bad storm and the mast and sails were torn apart. They drifted for weeks until finally arriving on an island where they found help.))
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Go on Forth
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