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 Faolán Driscoll's Background

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PostSubject: Faolán Driscoll's Background   Faolán Driscoll's Background Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 10:16 pm

Born on March 15th, 1690 to Kevin and Líle Driscoll outside the small town of Bray, Ireland. Faolán spent his childhood helping with small tasks around the house and farm, playing with his two older brothers (Daithí and Cian) and younger sister (Bláithín), and gathering mussles and seaweed along the shores of the Irish Sea.

In the year 1702 he went off to join the British Royal Navy, with hopes of adventure and fortune. He traveled to London on a merchant ship from Dublyn, paying his way with work. It was on the merchant vessel that Faolán first began learning to read and write, as well as some arithmatic. Once in London, he joined the Royal Navy and was assigned as a trainee to the newly rebuilt HMS Monck in Rotherhithe.

Faolán crewed the HMS Monck till 1718, when tensions caused by the Jacobite rebellions lead to abuse of Irish and Scottish crewmen from the English officers and other crew. Faolán, along with several others, defected from the Royal Navy, catching ships headed to other lands. He caught a merchant ship bound for Colonies in the Caribbean.

Once in the Caribbean, Faolán spent time in several Spanish and French ports, doing odd jobs and saving as much as he could. Finally, in late 1719 he saved enough to purchase a small ship and obtain a Letter of Marque from France. Now, at the beginning of the year 1720, Faolán finds himself wandering about the streets of a French port...
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Faolán Driscoll's Background
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