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 Excepts of the story of the Giesser family

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Excepts of the story of the Giesser family Empty
PostSubject: Excepts of the story of the Giesser family   Excepts of the story of the Giesser family Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 8:58 am

Excepts of the story of the Giesser family

3rd of february, 1628
The carts wheel gave a shrieky noise when it slid on a rock of the old emporors way north of Nuremberg. Liebgott Giesser pulled the horses bridle and prayed, that no swedish partrol had heard the noise. He had bribed the watchman an the northern gate to let him and his family leave with his belongings at night. When the swedish united with the protestant population of the city one week from now, he and his catholic loved ones would be killed by the "Schwedentrunk". He hoped to go west and cross the rhine. When he left the Reich westward he might get help by a cousin who was living as a bellfounder making bells for the new cathedral at Annecy.

August, the 15th in 1662
Heinrich Giesser, better known to his neighbours as Henry Géssert was afraid. Every huguenot i the city knew, that his apotecarium was milling gunpowder for the kings troops. His brother was a bellfounder and had crafted artistic bells for churches for years. Henry knew sooner or later they would come for him. If he wanted to suvive he had to leave. But land was expensive. Only in the new world he could afford to start a new life. If only god had mercy on him and let him survive the dangerous passage to the french west indies.

February, the 24th, 1663
Henry Géssert looked at his new mansion. He would have preferred a site closer to the town, but foundries, blacksmiths shops and tannerys where banned from the town by law. The smell and the risk of fire were not taken lightly by the governor. If only a little bit more protection by the watch were possible...
However he was much safer here, than he could have been in France of Germany.

December, the 22th, 1719
Frederic Géssert sank to his knees. He had seen the smoke from far away and had run the whole way from the city. Now that he had a clear view on the house his grandfather had build his darkest fear had become reality. The foundry was ruined by a fire but his eyes could not leave his children who lay on the low grass in front of the door. Sobbing he struggled on. On the backyard were men from the local fire brigade trying to save as much of the house as possible. The had placed his wife Anna an the lawn and had closed her eyes. Even as she looked almost sleeping the bruises on he face and her paleness showed otherwise. Her torn dress barely covered her still beautiful body. Next to her was Jaques his servant sitting, he had a big lump on his forehaed, where a blunt waepon must have knocked hin unconscious. He repaeted over and over that he tried to stop them, his tears falling on Annas dead body.
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Excepts of the story of the Giesser family
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