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 Diary of Sinclair Marcellus

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PostSubject: Diary of Sinclair Marcellus   Diary of Sinclair Marcellus Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2008 5:15 pm

March 14, 1719

I have just received a commision with his majesty's royal navy. I am to be a midshipman aboard a sloop patrolling in the channel. Father is extremely proud, and plans to throw a party when he comes home from his trip from New Orleans. I look forward to it.

August 25, 1719

Father is due back any day now. I look forward to seeing him again and showing off my new promotion to lieutenant. Life aboard the sloop can be rough some days, but otherwise extremely boring. We've not had any action other than playing escort to merchantships that have lost their way. But seeing father will help all that.

August 27, 1719

His ship has been sunk! The missive from the king came today. Apparently several pirates flying the british colors attacked his convoy and his ship was lost. Like a true french captain, he went down with this ship and took several of the british dogs with him. I have sent a letter to his majesty asking for a posting in the new world.

October 16, 1719

I am bound for the new world. I am to report to Charlesfort to command a new ship being built there. I believe I shall christen is "Lion of Orleans" in honor of my father. I look forward to the challenges that the new world will bring, but even more so is the revenge I will get to bring to the british. My anger is still simmering from losing my father....

Feburary 3, 1720

The new world has more challenges than just the british or the spanish. The coast of Charlesfort is crawling with pirates and brigands! It's a chore trying to clean them all up, and it seems they breed faster then we can clear them. I've not had time to even give the british the full attention of my wrath they so richly deserve, but I feel that my day will come.

May 20, 1720

His majesty doesn't seem to concern himself with the british aggression as he should. Word has reached my ears that there are treaties in the works and it seems that it is the way of nobility. I will still have my revenge! I hear talk among the men of a group of people that look to take the fight to the british. Maybe I shall throw my fate with them.

May 25, 1720

I've made contact with this Highland Confederacy. I am greatly impressed with the organization and drive of these people. There is also an attachment of the french navy with them, so it seems that my complete lack of faith in my king was misplaced. I look forward to bringing the fight to the british in the coming days!
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Diary of Sinclair Marcellus
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