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 Mistaken annoyance

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PostSubject: Mistaken annoyance   Mistaken annoyance Icon_minitimeSat Feb 02, 2008 10:16 pm

Serafie made her way into Charlesfort tavern again, she gave a brief wave to Richard de Crevette the barkeep and slipped past two gossiping ladies who chose her as their next target. Sitting down at a table by the fire, Jolie Valentin joined her not long after and they shared a glass of wine at a corner table.

“I am in the mood for that drink Jolie you spoke of earlier” Serafie sat upright, placing her white gloves in her coat pocket, leaving her hat on over her red wig.

“I heard the Crime Lord is dead, was it you?” Jolie greeted Serafie with a smile

Taken aback for a moment, Serafie replied “Oh no no mademoiselle, I simply… helped in his demise.”

"I think you are a busy lady madame Lesleque, you are helping in the demise of many enemies."

While the pair talked about further business regarding a rival of Jolie’s, Serafie was distracted by a man and woman talking by the fire. They were flirting at first, the man looked like a captain and asked to take the woman to his apartment, then they discussed how rich he was. Serafie tried to ignore them but could not help but listen.

“Lady Lesleque, what is it?” Jolie asked seeing Serafie distracted as if in a daze.

“Oh.. forgive me mademoiselle I am distracted, I will resolve this at once.”

Serafie could not stand it any longer and approached the couple at the very point when the man in uniform held the woman’s finger to his mouth, promising her a good time.

“Pardon me monsieur, have you no honor that you make such a display in public.”

Surprised for a moment, the man turned his attention to the well dressed Serafie as if he was ready to forget who he was just flirting with. With a broad smile, arrogantly trying to smoothen Serafie’s opinion of him.

“I beg the Lady many pardons, was there someway I could be forgiven?” His voice was deep, hoping to charm Serafie in the same way he thought he was charming the other woman.

Serafie would have none of it, and no sooner did the words and his eyes drift to her cleavage that he felt the soft sting of white gloves crossing his face. By now the attention of the tavern turned to them.

“Oh. I am stunned Mademoiselle” as he held his cheek, more in surprise than pain “why does this….”

“Apologize to the lady and take your leave monsieur, I am insulted by your display.” Just as arrogant as the man, Serafie lifted her haughty chin and glared at the man as he turned to go. He was quite confused now and decided it best to listen. He tipped his hat to the other woman with a dissapointed apology and turned to go.
Serafie was not through, she turned her attention to the woman, who she did not know at the time was harlot.

“You should know better than to flirt with men in such a way mademoiselle, not in such a place.”

The woman was not amused, rather upset with Serafie for chasing away a promising customer.

“You have no business madame, I should ask from you what you just cost me.”

“Cost you?” Serafie gasped

“Oui madame, he is a wealthy Captain with eyes for me, are you jealous?”

“Absolutely not, though I can hardly drink my wine in the presence of such a display, why he practically ate your finger, and….”

Hardly jealous, Serafie was interrupted as she realized what was really going on between the man and woman.Seeing she was a harlot.

The woman turned and flippantly waved Serafie off “It is no matter, there are many others waiting for me, please do not interfere with those as well madame.”

The exchange was short, their words were not loud or angry, people looking on could barely hear them talking. Serafie was not use to such behavior, though she was learning quickly what life was like in the colonies.

The man that Serafie ran off stood at the door and looked one last time, he was a captain for one of the merchant vessels in town, with a grin he walked out hoping to one day run into this finely dressed mademoiselle again at sea or in port.

(my first story for the society, looking forward to post more)
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PostSubject: Re: Mistaken annoyance   Mistaken annoyance Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2008 9:51 pm

((Good job, Serafie, I liked the way you wove the game details into the piece; I've stopped to listen to that conversation several times in the taverns!))
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PostSubject: Re: Mistaken annoyance   Mistaken annoyance Icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2008 12:51 pm

It's a sweet story -- please continue!

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PostSubject: Re: Mistaken annoyance   Mistaken annoyance Icon_minitime

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Mistaken annoyance
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