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 A Nobleman's Daughter

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PostSubject: A Nobleman's Daughter   A Nobleman's Daughter Icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2008 1:48 am

"She is a spoiled one that girl, perhaps we will make a Woman out of her in the colonies." (Jean Le Deu Lesleque)

While sailing aboard the Otter Skuda boat Milton, from Pensacola to Tampa along the Florida coast, a pirate ship gave chase and boarded for a fight. Captain Marcus Le Pontie, yelled for Serafie to stay below in the small aft cabin, she would have none of that. She arrogantly saw the pirates as dirty peasants. Seizing her chance to show off her Italian training, she readied her sword and dagger. A pirate charged, simply knocking her off her feet and into the wooden bulkhead as fighting ensued around them. Stunned and more concerned that her red wig fell off, Serafie didn’t even get a chance to parry when the pirate plunged his blade below her stomach as she tried to stand. With a screaming gasp she fell down to her knees as the pirate laughed, seeing how well dressed she was made him enjoy it even more. He withdrew his now crimson blade and held it to her throat, terror filled her watery eyes. Luckily the captain heard the scream and pushed the pirate overboard before the pirate could finish the job.


A fog bank rolled along the coast of white beaches as the last of the pirate bodies were tossed off the side of the boat. Captain Le Pontie had won this day but he had half a crew to limp his boat back to Pensacola and a half dead noble lady to keep alive. He was obviously upset that Serafie even showed herself. “You are no fighter mademoiselle, I tell you to stay below yet you turn to fight.”

She was pale, having lost so much blood already. Her youth and spirit would be her saving grace. “I will never let a pirate get the better of me, a Lesleque shall die before cower.” She stopped, gripping her stomach in pain for a moment retracting that statement in her head.

“And die you still may if you continue such nonsense, here drink more of this liquor” He helped raise the bottle for her “We will be to shore in a few hours, you must spare your strength.”

More important to Le Pontie was his boat, which he helped to build, though if this noble woman died, her father would see him hang in public. Serafie’s father was a Nobleman from France, having just arrived to the colonies that summer to help establish more French culture over the Spanish. It was the insistence from Serafie that she join him to the colonies, so curious and wanting to help him along. Thankfully her father Jean Le Deu Lesleque, was willing and in fact welcomed her company. What she thought would be an exiting and pampered journey, would turn out to be a difficult and dangerous adventure that had just begun.
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A Nobleman's Daughter
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