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 A little Von'Bek lore...

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A little Von'Bek lore... Empty
PostSubject: A little Von'Bek lore...   A little Von'Bek lore... Icon_minitimeFri Feb 08, 2008 2:45 pm

For several generations the Von'Bek family has encountered the perils of War. My Grandfather at a young age joined a sailing merchant out of Hamburg. He often left his homeland in the river valley of lower Saxony to visit as many new lands as he could. During a trip to the western Scottish isles he met a young woman, Mary Mahaffey of the clan MacFie. He fell in love instantly for this young woman who's spirit was a vibrant as her long fiery red hair. As often as he could he visited the Scottish isles. Through successful trade my grandfather was able to establish a merchant post he made his home on the Isle of Islay. Then the clan MacFie through war lost its lands to the clan MacDonald leaving many families with no home. My grandfather married Mary, but only after he found a new home for her widowed mother on northern Islay. My father Tomas Von'Bek was born on Islay and learned to sail and trade from my Grandfather. There were not many riches to be had, but the family made a living trading from France, Prussia, and Denmark to the nobles of Scotland and Ireland. Often harassed by the English sailors and merchants my father garnered a strong distaste for the Brits.

[More to come...]
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A little Von'Bek lore...
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