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 Bio of Roland Le Mu

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PostSubject: Bio of Roland Le Mu   Bio of Roland Le Mu Icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2008 5:16 pm

Roland Le Mu, born to a French father and English mother. His father was a French Naval Officer of some renown, serving the crown loyally until his end. Roland grew up on the Norman coast where his mother influenced him greatly. He spent many days at the dockyards waiting his fathers return from sea. Which is where his adventure on the seas began. Sometime during his teen years The English Royal Navy was looking for fresh recruits to fill the vacant spots on their ships due to the casualties of war. While he was doing what he normal did every day, hanging around the docks hopping his father would return. He had the misfortune of running into a British press gang. Taken against his will, he was forced to serve on the HMS Stark. He learned the hard way how cruel the life of a sailor could be. Serving as a powder monkey, running the black powder from the powder room to the cannons. He seen a fair share of battles from inside the ship, learning the art of cannon fire. During one eventful battle the HMS Stark took on much water and was made to sink. Barely escaping the ship as if sank, he hung onto some wreckage until one of the ships that had sunk the Stark fished him out of the water. It was of the French Navy.

They tended his wounds and soon learned who his father was and how he came to serve the British. Bringing him back the French port of Lorient. There he was brought to the admiralty where he learned of his fathers fate. An Admiral who knew his fathers bravery offered to sponsor Roland in the Naval Academy. Roland jumped at the chance as his heart was always at sea. There he was prepared morally, mentally and physically to act as a Naval Officer in La Royale. Graduating with honors, he was fully prepared to serve as a Lieutenant de Vaisseau. He served briefly under Captain Luc-Julien-Joseph Casabianca Before being promoted to Capitaine de frgate, and given his first command, the Splendid. He was then given orders to make way for Charlesfort in the Caribbean and report to the local magistrate.

Roland Le Mu is a career Naval Officer, he believes strongly in his mission and always acts according to his station. He believes in respecting ones opponent and strives to always do the right thing. This strict accordance to his moral code rubs some the wrong way at times. He is undaunted and works hard to lead by example. He values the life of his men, but understands the risks of Naval warfare. He will have a hard road ahead of him in the lawless Caribbean.
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Bio of Roland Le Mu
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