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 The Adventure

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PostSubject: The Adventure   The Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2008 12:08 pm

As it has been reported in the Albatross, a messenger came to the Highland Confederacy officers with a billet from Capitaine de Corvette Réjean LeMay who apparently is having problems. A few days later, a Dutch sailor enter the Albatros looking for Capt. LeMay He has to deliver a letter from Sommerset.

The message addressee not being there, Willem, the Inn keeper, introduce the Dutch messenger to Lieutenant Lafleur who seems to be a thrusted men of Capitaine LeMay. Lafeur now take care of the billet for Maître Rej. He drop the letter. The seal brake and the letter unfold…

The Adventure Lettre10

Lieutenant Lafleur who knows well Fantastik Mam translate the letter to the members of the Highland Confederacy, asking for advices:

Twelfth day of the Holy year 1720

My dear husband,

As I settled the family business in Europe, I left from St-Malo going to our estates in the Nouvelle-France territory of Québec. Our intendant told me you left for Charlesfort. Leaving the Saint-Laurence gulf, a frightening storm seriously damaged my ship and made us drift up to Sommerset Island where I am today.

The aboard doctor is busy curing what is left of the shipmate and healthy men try as they can to repair the ship.
The sea between you and me is full of pirate and I have only few valid men. Sir Heredia, living in Sommerset Island, is telling me you are having many friends united under the Fleur-de Lys.

My beloved, come, please.

Your spouse, Martine, your F.M.

P.S.: I committed this letter to a local messenger. This flower will elude any doubt you could made about this message.)

While sailing to Charlesfort, the messenger, to whom Fantastik Mam asked to go in Charlesfort, got severely sick and passed over. His first mate did not knew how urgent the delivery was. He pursues sailing in direction to Charlesfort, visiting friends and delivering goods on the way.

Meanwhile, the Sirène crew managed to repair the ship so she can go in open sea as long as the weather is clement. Mam decide to sail as far as the Sirène will allow her to go, and hook to Charlesfort pier two days after the Dutch messenger.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventure   The Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2008 1:22 pm

(Nicely done! I eagerly await the rest of the story.)

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The Adventure
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