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 Lady Lesleque, information and logs

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PostSubject: Lady Lesleque, information and logs   Lady Lesleque, information and logs Icon_minitimeFri Feb 22, 2008 1:16 am

Name- Seraphie Lesleque (formal) Serafie (short)

Age- Early 20s (acts 16ish)

Mother- duchess d'Aumale Dominique Lesleque (passed away)
Father- duc d'Aumale Jean Le Deu Lesleque (currently residing in Louisiana)

Titles- Lady Seraphie Lesleque, Steward duc d'Aumale, Countess of Monique d'Aumale, Former courtier to England representing the court of France.

Nicknames- Peaches, Dovey

Education- Fluent in French, English, Spanish and some German. Studied Philosophy at her fathers Mansion in France. Has interests in astronomy and Sea faring.

Hobbies- Loves to read about romance and adventure especially on the high sea. Loves to socialize and gossip.

Mannerisms- She is a spoiled, haughty daughter of a Duke of France. She is not cruel but she is dismissive of those of “lower” class. Newly arrived to the colonies via her Father’s mission to Louisiana to ensure French culture replaces Spanish, Serafie has settled in florida nicely. She is very friendly to Captains and upper class. She takes pride in being a Lady of Nobility.
Seraphie always wears a wig in public, most of them very expensive and often red.

Business- Lady Serafie helps navies find expert sailors (Carpenters, Sailmasters, Gunners…) She also runs a few vinyards, wineries, and has plantations for Coffee, Tobacco and Maize outside Tampa.

Reputation- She has many friends in France she misses, she is known for excesses in jewelry and clothing which some do not respect. She is pleasant and the governors and admirals of Florida like her.

Estates- Serafie has a small Estate in Grenville and a new large Estate in Tampa near Madam Baudelaire’s Estate.

Notes- Though the game portrays us all as “captains” Serafie is not a captain of a ship. She simply manages her fathers fortune and fleet of ships from the safety of her Offices on shore. She also cannot fight and rarely carries any weapons despite the game showing her with them. I try to RP this often and I thank all of you for helping me with that.

Secrets- Well, lets not get ‘ahead’ of ourselves shall we? Razz I of course have plans for the future of Lesleque, that is a secret however. It also may change depending on how things RP out with my friends in HC : )

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Lady Lesleque, information and logs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lady Lesleque, information and logs   Lady Lesleque, information and logs Icon_minitimeFri Feb 22, 2008 1:42 am

Lesleque Fleet of Ships

Main Harbors

Otter Skuda Sailing boats
Milton: (both ships regularly move workers and supplies from Florida to Louisiana)

Dolphyn Ketch
Pensacola: (Moves supplies around Pensacola)

Hermes Packet Boats
Savant: Escaped 3 British attacks, Captured by Pirates near Roseau, all hands missing
Le Plan: Sank a rank 42 Mignum indiaman(npc) alone
Mitrorden: Sank a (pc) Pirate Sloop near Puerta de Plata
Medildron: Participated in victory over Pirates to hold New Orleans

Postillionen Frigates
Le Forteress: Sunk while defending Roseau against English, most hands lost
Vizen d' Aulle: Patrols for Pirates
Beau Madam: Sank a (npc) rank 48 Triton Frigate alone, barely.

Stralsund Frigates
Marie le Portier: Patrols near New Orleans
Mistyre: Patrols Near Pensacola
Nancy Vizeau: Sunk by English in fleet action off Roseau, all hands lost
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Lady Lesleque, information and logs
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