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 Underdog tools! A new hope...

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Underdog tools! A new hope... Empty
PostSubject: Underdog tools! A new hope...   Underdog tools! A new hope... Icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 7:51 pm

Just read an interesting post from Rusty...

Quote :
Underdog tools - We have a whole plan for various tools to encourage play on underdog populations on low pop servers. These encompass a variety of different elements, and will be indicated when you're selecting a server so that new players will be tempted into playing different populations. Not only will they help encourage better balance, but they'll also help underdog sides have a better position for nation vs. nation. There's a spec on this that I'll be reading tomorrow morning, and we're looking at scheduling for these items now.

He goes on to say they will be released in v1.2... Nice...
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Underdog tools! A new hope...
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