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PostSubject: Job interview   Job interview Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2008 11:51 am

Two brothers stood side by side against a mountain of a man. They lunged, kicked and punched at each other. Hew dodged a massive punch to his stomach and countered with a shin kick. While his brother landed an over hand hammer fist to the back of the large mans head. The brute back handed Jock knocking him backward. Hew was able to get a kick to the nethers in on the man. As the giant turned blue briefly, he landed a massive blow to Hew knocking him flat.

"Ok you have the job" as Hew spit some blood. "Christ that hurt"
"What was your name lad? " Hew asked trying to assess his injuries. "Angus sir" the hulk of a man said out of breath.

"Well get cleaned up lad and your to start first in the morning." Hew helped by his brother went back to the house. They took turns at the pump washing off. "Hew thats gonna swell it looks like. Your guest may leave when she sees your black eye" Jock started to chuckle. "Well Jock it was your idea not to hire a Ghillie unless he could take us both on. I owe you one brother. That was a good idea. Next time you do the interview by yourself"
Hew found a mirror inside and looked. It was going to show. Great, a clan dinner tomorrow they wont mind. Easter mass and dinner later that day would prove awkward. The magistrate several local dons, some business men and least of which Captain Flowers. Well its gonna be hard to look charming with a black eye staring back at his guests. " Whats done is done, man that hurt."
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Job interview
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