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PostSubject: The Letter   The Letter Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2008 8:43 am

*A barefoot boy walks along wooden planks of the dock, stopping to inquire of a crewman working to resupply a large frigate moored nearby. He turns and points to a tall man wearing the faded blue waistcoat of a Privateer Captain. Walking up to the man, the boy bows slightly and hands him a crumpled, salt stained envelope. The man smiles in a friendly manner, salutes the lad and places a copper coloured coin in his hand as he takes the envelope. He takes a seat on a large sack of beans, closely inspects the seal on the parcel, the Campbell crest, opens the letter and begins to read....*

"Dearest Brother Argyll,

Tis with heavy heart and deep regret that I write to inform you of the passing of our dearest mother, Mary. You may take solace however, knowing that she passed peacefully and without pain....."

*Argyll pauses for a moment, staring into the distance to a place on the horizon where the sea and sky mingle into one deep shade of pastel blue; to a place covered by green rolling fields, meadows and highland glens. He trembles almost imperceptably, his vision blurred momentarily. Raising his arm, he wipes the sleeve of his jacket across his eyes and looks back down at the letter*

".....and that her final thoughts were of her family, and of you. We laid her to rest near the Parrish, in a small glade with sheltering trees and covered in heather. You would approve of the spot Brother.

I've sent word to Malcolm and our Father, but have as yet received no reply from them. We can only pray to God and trust that no peril has befallen them. Our good Uncle William has agreed to look after the homeplace and holdings and with God's good graces, I will soon be joining you in the New World.

Can you believe it Brother, I've taken a commission with the French Navy! I do hope you are not disappointed as I know you had wanted to serve together.

In closing, my darling Glenna and little Haemish send their love and best wishes.....as does Heather MacDonald. I fear she has not, nor will soon forget you, Brother. Perhaps one day you'll see fit to make an honest woman of her.

You have my best wishes and hopes for your continued safety and prosperity and I remain your loving and elder brother,

Angus Campbell"

*Argyll smiles briefly then folds the letter and tucks it inside his jacket*

((OOC: If nobody objects, would one of our Officers be so kind as to invite Angus Campbell to the Society. He will be my NO Alt and my main PvP character.))
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The Letter
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