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 Curse the Wind!

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PostSubject: Curse the Wind!   Curse the Wind! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2007 1:25 pm

Nearly two weeks to the day, Dermid staggers back onto the shore just a few miles southwest of the Albatross. Slowly, he half-stumbles his way back to the comforts that he now wishes that he had never left.

He enters the Albatross and falls into a small cot tucked behind the old bar. At first glance there is little doubt that something has gone terribly amiss upon his journey. He has lost some 20 pounds and is but a shadow of his former self. The once relatively nice attair and polished appearance has been stripped from him and now something just before death’s doorstep lies nearly motionless behind the bar.

As he has often done over his years within the Albatross, Willem McDough is quick to offer what support and care he can for the man he often calls son. Within a short few hours, the initial exhaustion of relief at reaching familiar and stable ground begins to fade, and while still appearing to be a changed person, Dermid begins to recount his tale.

“Curse the wind!! Curse the waves!! Curse that damned storm!! I probably wasn’t more than a few good hours from here to the south before the wind and rain turned more angry than I can ever remember. At once it seemed that the anger within the deeps rose up and purposefully lashed out at my sole with all of its might. There was little that could be done, I swear.

We attempted to turn and run from the rising beast but it was useless. Downwind the waves simply poured over the stern of boat and within minutes we would have been at the depths of the sea. We tacked into the wind and on the starboard side we held our own. I swear the men fought valiantly for seemingly hours within the darkness of that brutal evening. Certainly there was some damage to the sails and to the framework but it seemed like the worst was behind us and that we would reach safety beyond.

Then came a large bolt of lightening from the sky. Suddenly the darkness faded and a large reef was shown not more than a good throw off the bow. We were heading right towards it leaving us no option but to tack again to larboard. During the tack, the sails were ripped to small shreds wrestling aimlessly within the storm. We were left to the mercy of the sea and storm. Within just a few minutes, darkness overtook the boat as the schooner “Riverside” sunk into the darkness of the angry night sea.

Not a soul…. Not a single soul… the ship… the crew… supplies and timbers…. all taken by the sea for days.

I drifted upon little more than a few boards torn from the hull. Luckily a merchant ship came upon me on the twelfth sunset and offered to carry me back to safety. I don’t think I was more than a just over the horizon but it wasn’t a trip that I could have made without help.

It all now lies in the darkness of the great sea. It is all lost.”

With that Dermid lays back into the cot and after a few gentle pats by the old barkeep, Dermid drifts off for a nice long nap and some long overdue rest.
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PostSubject: Re: Curse the Wind!   Curse the Wind! Icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2007 10:31 am

Hamish walks into the Albatross, totally unaware of Dermid being behind the bar, thus he is none too quiet.

"Blewdy 'ell! Tha' storm las' night did a newmber on some o' thum ships out there. Me 'ighland Win weathered et well enuf, bewt some o' tha smaller coastal ships'r done fer." Hamish shouted, surprising Willem who quickly began to motion for quiet.

Hamish stared at him confused. "Are ye daft, man? What'r ye on abewt?"

Willem motioned towards the door to the backroom behind the bar. Hamish moved closer and peered in. He could just make out the sleeping form of Dermid looking the worse for wear.

"What in tha name o' all tha's Holy 'appened tae 'im? 'E lewks like 'e's chomped up an' spit out by a whale!" Hamish kept his voice low this time.

Willem brought Hamish his favorite beer and explained the story as Dermid had related it to him. When he was done, Hamish just shook his head not knowing what to say. At least the sea didn't take him and Hamish was glad for that. He'd lost too many friends to the sea and he counted Dermid as one of his best. Still it was sad for the crew and the loss of money was staggering.

"Tha' es...." Hamish began and then just sat there staring at his beer. Every sailor faced the possibility of a watery grave, but few relished the idea of drowning or worse dieing in a fishes belly. It was something they lived with. The love hate relationship of the sea, but few wanted to think about coming to meet Davy Jones.

Hamish shook himself out of his morbid thoughts and turned them to Dermid predicament. He'd need a new ship and funds to make a new start. At least he'd still have his factories busy producing goods. Hamish's face brightened.

"Tull Dermid, when 'e wakes ewp tha' ah'm on tha docks talkin' wit' tha ship master. Ah might be able ta 'elp 'im!"

With that Hamish spun away from the bar and was out the door in a moment, whistling a rather gawdy tune about a married whore and her unlucky husband.

Captain Hamish MacBane
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PostSubject: Re: Curse the Wind!   Curse the Wind! Icon_minitimeTue Jul 17, 2007 7:57 am

Two days later, Dermid finally begins to stir about within Willem’s private room in the Albatross. Willem McDough has offered above and beyond what would ever be asked for, but it has been most welcomed and needed. He’s moved Dermid from the noisy tavern back to his bed and Willem has spent many hours there bedside over the last two days recounting the tales of the spy and the chase and the ensueing injuries within the Confederacy.

In the quiet private rooms of the Albatross, Dermid speaks to Hamish.

“It will be some time before I can serve the needs of the Confederacy with any meaningful work. More than the materials and Riverside, it is the crewmen that weigh heavily upon my dreams. I tell you that I think I was not much more than a ounce from lying with them at the bottom of the sea.

And to think, nearly at the same time, the Confederacy was under attack from the English. *Chuckling a little*, I’m honestly a bit proud that they see us in such light. Perhaps someday soon we can do more than simply be a threat good friend…

You’ve done well Hamish. Willem tells me that Emile is of good spirits and mind. We will need protection and with the recent blows we have taken, you have served our needs well in adding to our ranks. I hear there are quite a few new recruits likewise interested in our cause. That is good to hear and brings a bit of light into these dark days.

Within the day, I think I’ll have the strength to come out and meet a few of these men, but for now, I need my rest.”
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PostSubject: Re: Curse the Wind!   Curse the Wind! Icon_minitime

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Curse the Wind!
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