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 Back Behind The Mast

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PostSubject: Back Behind The Mast   Back Behind The Mast Icon_minitimeFri Sep 26, 2008 1:22 pm

As Seamus stepped onto the pier he shouldered his seabag and paused for a moment surveying the docks of Grenville. It was hard for him to believe it had been six months since he boarded a Packet Boat bound for Rome from this very same port. The Highland Confederacy had needed someone to deliver messages and his majesty's share of prize money for the year.
The Confederacy's captains views on this voyage ranged from those who would rather be flogged to those would politic and infight for it.
So in a wise move to avoid problems they simply drew lots.
Seamus drew the short straw but hadn't expected to be kept in Rome for so long. Delivering his cargo had gone flawlessly but he had been ordered to wait. Seamus didn't have contacts in Rome so the inner workings of the court were unknown to him but any fool could see that some decision was being debated.

And now he was returning with a large packet of sealed dispatches from King James' court in exile for the Confederacy.
One dispatch he did know the contents of, While he was in Rome Seamus had managed to secure a letter of marque in the name of his long time first mate Padraic Collins and intended on giving him command the Packet Boat he had just debarked from. The Mear Gaoth was her name and she was masterfully built. She had also been Captain O'Flynn's first prize.
Now that he would be commissioning a new frigate he could not think of a better fate for the Mear Gaoth, nor a more fitting reward for Paddy.

A smile broke over Seamus' face as he saw his old friend riding up to the docks with an extra horse in tow.
"Captain!, I hope you haven't been waiting long." Collins passed the reins to the spare horse but Seamus tied them to the post.
"Let's go have an ale Paddy i've got news from Rome to share with you."
As they walked to the tavern Seamus found himself hoping that all his dispatches from Rome might bring such joy.
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Back Behind The Mast
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