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 Mélissa Desponts / Maurice Pontifé

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PostSubject: Mélissa Desponts / Maurice Pontifé   Mélissa Desponts / Maurice Pontifé Icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2009 8:05 pm

Madams and Sirs the Officers of Highland Confederacy,

France has always welcomed her allies Scotland and Ireland and aided them in their plight against the English, who would seek to rule the entire world. It is with this in mind that we offer our service to your Confederacy. We are Mélissa Desponts, a captain by courtesy holding the rank of Lieutenant in the Navy of His Magesty Louis XV and his Regent the duke of Orléans; and her beloved cousin Maurice Pontifé, a privateer under the French flag, along with our crews.

For France, for the cause of Liberty, and for the descrutcion of her foes, we beg your consideration of our offer of service.

We adress to you, Madames and Sirs, our best salutations.
Mélissa Desponts
Maurice Pontifé


I avow that I have read and agree to the terms in the Articles of Confederation and the Bill of Expectations.

About me: I am a new player looking into this game. If I find a good group of people to play with I am likely to extend my trial to a month subscription. Whether I continue to play after a month will depend on circumstances in my life and also how much fun the game continues to be.

English is my first language. French is my second. I live in Maine, USA.

I am interested in sailing around and broadsiding things with progressively more and more cannons. I don't particularly care what or who I'm broadsiding, but I'd be happier doing it in character than out of character, and happier under the French flag than another, which is why I'm here.

PotBS forum Name: Chapow

Profession: I have a Naval Officer level 12 and a Privateer level 9.

What is RP: Interacting with the game, including other players, as though you were the character you play, not the player of the character.

Why RP: Playing a game in character allows you to enjoy the historical setting, interact with other players in a way that improves immersion rather than detracting from it, and enjoy cool stories that form by accident. Also you get to pretend to be a ship captain and scream "fire as she bears!" at your computer screen and your peer group doesn't think you're a loon.

Reason to join: Highland Confederacy appears a [largeish] [roleplaying society] [under the French flag] [on Antigua]. Those are the four criteria I was looking for.

Questions: The Bill of Expectations says that members are encouraged to act in character on channels other than Local. In a world without radio or other means of long distance communication, what is the reason for this?
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Namo Larkin
Namo Larkin

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PostSubject: Re: Mélissa Desponts / Maurice Pontifé   Mélissa Desponts / Maurice Pontifé Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 7:08 am

First of all welcome to Florida, both of you. As a Frenchman I welcome you as well to our small band known in these parts as the Hightland Confederacy. While our purpose remains steadfast of unseating the pretender and seeing the House of Stuart returned to the Thrones of England and Scottland, we find it is sometimes just a struggle to keep ourselfs going here in the Carabiane. I would like to meet up with you soon for a more personal encounter in the near future.

Namo Larkin Officer of the Highland Confederacy.


Whle we started out very large our numbers dropped to a handfull we have recently seen about 5 of our old members return along with about the same number of new players. While numbers are nice we try to have fun even when only 2 of us are on. As to the comment about the Radio or long distance statement, it refers to the use of Ventrillo and/or Team Speak. Both are very popular within the gamming world and if you attend a port battle it is almost mandeatory. We just wanted to assure those that join us that we don't require you to use it. Having said that I will add that France here on Antiqua has a National Vent for its use. While I am the owner of the Vent you probably will only find me on it during a Port Battle. I would encourage anyone who thinks they may want to attend one should try and listen in on a PB a few times prior to attending one.

Namo Larkin
Ship - Auberean
Normal Tour - M-F 8-10-East S-S off and on.
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PostSubject: Re: Mélissa Desponts / Maurice Pontifé   Mélissa Desponts / Maurice Pontifé Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 7:33 am

((We try our best on that whole being "largeish", but truth be told RP was a dying art in this game for a long time after the destruction of the unofficial RP server. I do see RP making a resurgence, however, and this guild is one of the longest-surviving French ones out there, RP or not. Plus, what we don't have in numbers, we make up for in RP quantity and enthusiasm. No promises on quality, though.

Oh, and Chantilly has read your letter, but it wouldn't be her style to respond - only to roll her eyes in indifference and get back to moping about whatever's in vogue for her to mope about this week. Very Happy Welcome aboard and I hope to run into you sooner rather than later.))
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PostSubject: Re: Mélissa Desponts / Maurice Pontifé   Mélissa Desponts / Maurice Pontifé Icon_minitime

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Mélissa Desponts / Maurice Pontifé
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