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 Limes and Pistol Shot

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PostSubject: Limes and Pistol Shot   Limes and Pistol Shot Icon_minitimeWed May 13, 2009 10:38 am

Personal Log of Ray-Jean Houle, March 5th, 1721:

Two months at this stinking swamp town.

I find myself actually wishing that I would get to deal with the stress and danger of working for the Antilles Naval Intelligence branch again. It would at least get me out of this damned town. Where the most thrilling event would be one of those leather-skinned reptiles coming a bit too far into the town.

The Captain seems to be taking it harder than I thought capable. He's rarely ventured out from the tavern during the day. Considering the noticeable drop-off of patrons as time has passed, he is most likely drowning himself in rum and limes. God help us should we run out of either.

He spoke even more incoherently than usual when he gave me the order to restock the ship's powder and shot supply, earlier this morn'. It's obvious he's got something up his sleeve. I just hope it's legal.

March 8th, 1721

Hellfire and damnation, a three day patrol through the local coves and inlets turned up nothing but a recently abandoned gunboat, and more ire from the crew and Captain La Roche.

It seems he spent his time in the tavern squeezing rumors out of anyone with enough courage to come into the place. Especially after his attempt to cow the magistrate into giving him some work. Either the entire tavern-going community received letters from the Naval Intelligence office, or this town truly is a "Quiet little spat of swamp on the Louisana coast" as La Roche described it. (I do believe I put it a bit more kindly than him, heh.

I suppose I had best look to resupply the ship, should he have another scheme to find some trouble to deal with.


March 8th, 1721, Second Entry

After making my way down to the docks, I ran into Captain La Roche myself, who was looking to be making his way to the tavern once more, his normal scowl upon his face.

"Captain, is there anything you need me to secure in particular for the ship?" I asked him, it was merely protocol, he usually leaves such details to me.

He stopped and turned, a rather... "Aggressive" grin on his face. "Limes and Pistol Shot, Houle." he replied, then continued to the Tavern.

God help the Tavern Goers.
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Limes and Pistol Shot
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