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PostSubject: Greetings   Greetings Icon_minitimeWed Dec 26, 2007 2:00 pm

In Character Section

I bid a good day to the officers of The Highland Confederacy, my name is Meghan O’Brannon and I come to you seeking a partnership for our mutual benefit.

I am a land owning maiden with property in the colonies upon which I currently operate a small timber farm and gravel operation. While I consider myself a privateer I do intend to continue building up my estate to be a fiscal asset for myself and a resource provider for our continued struggle against the crown of England.

I was born in Kilkenny, Ireland to John Francis O’Brannon a merchant who wanted his only child and heir to get an education. Luckily he heard the rumblings about the Education Act banning Catholics from attending foreign schools a few months before it was passed and sent me away for tutelage.

My father was later killed in an “uprising” while I was at the Sorbonne, so when I finished school, I took the little I had left from our estate and went to make my way in the new world. Things have been moving along nicely but I occasionally find myself paddling back to shore after a run in with some of the local riff raff.

Recently I believe I ran into Benoit Bontecou as I returned to Charles Port after just such an experience and thought I should research a bit to find out about The Highland Confederacy.

Thus I am lead to you. I do not wish to live as a slave nor do I wish a martyr’s death, but if you seek an economic, military and trading partner, please allow me to sit with you and buy you a brandy so we may discuss a compact which may aid us both in our search for prosperity.

I hope this note finds you all well and please accept my wishes for an auspicious new year.

Out of Character Section

Player Description: I am a 39 year old father of two with a lovely spouse. My 8 year old son has also been playing the PoTBS beta with me at times but he has his own beta account and would not play on my account in retail.

I have played EQ, WoW and a few other MMORPG’s. I played in high end raiding guilds in both EQ and WoW and played with a hardcore pvp guild in WoW. I don’t really see that as the avenue I wish to pursue in PoTBS. I am looking for a more relaxed, enjoy the ride tyep of experience now.

Official Forum Name: At the moment I have only one character, named Elanne D’Wolfe.
Edit: At release if accepted I would make Meghan O'Brannon, a female privateer. /Edit

Profession: She is a level 18 privateer.

What is RP to you? I really don’t know. This is my first attempt at RP but it seems interesting

Why would you like to join the Highland Confederacy? To try my hand at RP with a group of mature individuals who will help me grow my RP skills while we have fun in game.

Edited in the hopes of better clarity.

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings   Greetings Icon_minitimeWed Dec 26, 2007 5:44 pm

If i may i would like to take this opportunity to offer ye a warmhearted and most welcome stay with this most enlightened gathering of souls!

Oviously i can only speak 'o my huble self in this matter since i am not an officer nor would i ever accept such a title, since it would not be befitting meself in all honesty.

Your family history is most interestin' indeed, i am just a wee bit puzzled how to adres ye since i am not clear if you have already deceided what or better said who your character will be. Nevertheless i do hope that your stay here will be a most satisfyin' and inspirational experience milady!


Capt. Henk Owl

Gentleman, Scoundrel, Father, Lover 'n Friend!
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PostSubject: Re: Greetings   Greetings Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2007 1:01 pm

Captain O'Brannon,

It saddens me to hear of the misfortunes that have befallen you and your family at the hands of the British and their lackeys. Unfortunately, such tales are all to common in these days, and I believe you will find many here sympathetic to your plight. On behalf of the Highland Confederacy, I welcome you with open arms, and hope that you find peace among us.

Wilhelm von Somborn
The Highland Confederacy
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PostSubject: Re: Greetings   Greetings Icon_minitime

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