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 Alms for the poor

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PostSubject: Alms for the poor   Alms for the poor Icon_minitimeWed Mar 05, 2008 6:21 pm

A small cutter approaches a tight group of fishing smacks. "Bring down that damn jack and raise the saltire" Captain Jock McDraig ordered. "Mr Hamish start the bonny tune" The stirring of the Skye boat song started to play and was soon answered by one of the fishing smacks.

The boats all gathered closer as several men came aboard the cutter. "Connelly, MacDonald welcome aboard. Mr. O’Brian glad the Irish could make it also. We have a ton of small arms and half a ton of swivels."

"Oh what lovely haddock we are gonna bring to market" A bosun joked.

"There will be no charge on these weapons bosun. My brother and I provide them for the lads and lasses keep them under your hats in case the sassenach come north. We will provide what we can when we can, as long as the lord smiles on Tampa.

MacDonald beckons Jock over "Here are some letters for those down south. Jock boy I have news of your Uncle Jamie has gone to god lad."

Jock saddened by the news. He starts to respond...

"That makes you or your brother The new clan chief. You should Talk about that with your brother."

"Thanks MacDonald now get your ass in gear before we all dance at Tyburn." Jock thinks back to when his own father was hanged there before his eyes. "Alright lads get that blasted rag up we are a heading south". A small union jack replaces the cross of Saint Andrews and a small cutter disappears in the fog.
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PostSubject: Re: Alms for the poor   Alms for the poor Icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2008 6:20 pm

"Senor Hew, Your brother he is here" Sancho announced. "Thank you Sancho let your wife know he will be here fore dinner."
"So Jock what news?"
" Uncle Jamie is dead, consumption or some other thing"
"Damn I am sorry Jock. I knew he took you in when dad was killed"
"That makes you clan chief Hew. Not that It matters here in the Caribbean."
" All hail Laird Hew, High admiral of the fishing fleet of Skye.." Jock bellowed as he took a drink of a rum.
Hew knew it was a joke a bad one at that. Hew started thinking I am the chief of about 500 all whalers, fisherman and wrecking crews. Half-way around the world. Well I cant move back to help them. A lousy outlaw chief he would be running willy nilly across the highlands. Shouting freedom with every other breath.
"Wait a minute Jock. These frenchies like titles and crap like that. Say we use this to our advantage. "
"Your mad Hew. This Sun has finally gotten too you." Jock drinks a bit more.
Mad as a flippin hatter. Move the whole clan down here?"
"It worked for us Jock, haven’t we been successful? We need to crew the new frigate from Larkin and Larkin. And the ones we don’t employ outright will spread our name from crew to crew. Word of mouth thats advertising you cant beat. "
"Your nutters Hew"
" No you are Jock, Because your gonna take some of that Sassenach gold. Your gonna give some to our kin and tell them to move down here."
"Tomorrow after your sober."
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PostSubject: Re: Alms for the poor   Alms for the poor Icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2008 10:34 pm

"What is it Camilla you have been hovering over me all day." "We are already for the guests Senor Hew. I had a question When will we see senorita Cathern again? Shes a made things lighter when she come to visit. You two brothers stomping about. It makes my floors hard to clean." Hew was about ready to chide her but she is right. " Soon Camilla soon, She said she would come on one of the beef stew nights this week." Hew went back to his ledger. Hew shouted to his motherhen of a cook. "If your worried about the floors have the men bring up an extra canvas or two."

The first of the Clan would be arriving today. They were in Nassau yesterday contrebandiers were bringing them in around the battle brewing in Havana. Arriving in the afternoon. The pirate cave on the shore was stocked for the overflow of Scottish refugees. Everything was set time to get ready. Hew adjusted his kilt. Put on his blue bonnet with three feathers. He looked into the mirror. "God I look a like a wanker, like some bloody pheasant committed suicide by diving in my ear" Hew hoped he would inspire pride in his country men. Knowing full well he was more than likely to get catcalls from the French women he knew. "Ok Now I am McDraig"
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PostSubject: Re: Alms for the poor   Alms for the poor Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2008 9:54 pm

"What is that on your belt did ya turn pirate." Snarked Jock. " Thanks Jock who taught you to fight when we were little dad was at sea? Who was that saved your hide from the McMurphy’s? "I have decided to give up florentine and get back to our roots." Hew stood admonishing his younger brother. "It’s a nice hanger Hew where did you get it?" Jock said admiring the cutlass" My dearest friend Cathern gave me this and the one on the mantle. Hands off Jock, I only had these cleaned to a shimmer. So keep your fish skinners off. "

Hew fetched a Scotch and stared to look through his correspondence. "How is the clan settling in today" Hew was wondering out loud. "Well it’s a bloody shanty town Hew but they are earning their own money for the most part. They should be settled in a week. Or more." Jock replied.
"Have you seen Camilla ,Jock? " Camilla stepped out of the doorway. "Christ woman you’re an incessant eavesdrop." Camilla stood shaking her head. "Senor Hew I apologize but I was just anticipating your needs sir." Hew smiled at his faithful servant. Camilla the house is yours again put it back the way it was. One big change no roses this time. I want bittersweet nightshade, larkspur, foxglove and lilies all pink you hear me? Here is the list. The pharmacia in town can get them or have them shipped from New Orleans." Camilla protested. "Senor the foxglove is poisonous no?" He adjusted his monocle "They are all poisonous Camilla to some extent. I want pink and deadly flowers arranged throughout the house before this weekend. My dear Captain Flowers may visit." Hew saw the realization wash over Camilla. The house servant beamed. "Senorita Cathern, oh how nice. Right away senor Hew." Camilla disappeared as quickly as she appeared.

Hew turned to admire the blade he was given earlier in the day, stunning and deadly. Hew only hoped his gift to Cathern was admired as much.
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PostSubject: Re: Alms for the poor   Alms for the poor Icon_minitime

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Alms for the poor
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