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 Confederacy Leadership Roles

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PostSubject: Confederacy Leadership Roles   Confederacy Leadership Roles Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2008 8:46 am

In addition to officers (designated with an O after their names in the list below) I've established a system of secondments. These are people who have indicated a willingness to help out in specific areas but didn't want a full-fledged officer position. The officer in charge of that position will have those people to call on first to help them out with their duties. Members and recruits should feel free to contact any officer or second with any concerns.

Deoirdih D'Alembert (O)--Proprietor-General
Bishop Aidan McDermott (O)--Proprietor
Lisette von Klein (O)--Proprietor
Gudrun von Klein (O)--Proprietor

Military Operations
William MacNeil (Convalescing from wounds sustained in battle)

Tactical Liaison
Bognor (O)--PvP coordination with other French societies

Rejean LeMay (Intro to PvP training)
Kristn d'Miyu (diplomatic liaison)

Economic Organization and New Member Support
Namo Larkin (O)

Ldave--economy planning and organization
Fantastik Mam--new member support
MacTavish--recruiting and new member support
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Confederacy Leadership Roles
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