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 Cathern Muses About Beer

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PostSubject: Cathern Muses About Beer   Cathern Muses About Beer Icon_minitimeTue Mar 11, 2008 2:49 am

~From Cathern Flowers' Journal~

There I was in Mathew Town again. A hotbed of pirates and smugglers but also a good place to meet for business on the shady side and a clearing house for ship outfittings. I agreed to meet Mr. Owl there for some brief pleasentries. He was his usual charming self. He could charm the knickers off a queen or tavern harlot equally well I should think.

But anyway I over heard some conversation about that infamous pirate Beer von Rockafeller. I think that is how she calls herself. It has to be an alias of course. Who would name thier child "Beer" after all? I seen her sails a number of times and have always mananged to dodge her and her pirating friends while capturing a few prizes of my own. One day I might not be so fortunate. I am not at all sure I could take her.

She was on the docks. Poor woman was disfigured. I wonder if that is what drove her to a life of piracy? A social outcast becuase of her missing bits? Maybe she was whole, before she took up such a life? I wonder if her and I are so different, struggling to find a place in a world dominated by men. The only thing of distinction between her piracy and me capturing prizes is a letter of marque. A slip of parchment given by the Crown. Why choose pircey when they could be protected with the legality? I guess I'll never understand it.
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Cathern Muses About Beer
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